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Moretime Expeditions
Sails and polar latitudes - it's hard to imagine a more exciting combination. The unique nature of the polar regions, the routes taken by the polar pioneers, the wind that fills the sails and a different view of the world. It's definitely something we want to dedicate our lives to.
training sail voyages on tall ships
participants of our educational programmes
our vision
We draw on serious experience of sailing and mentoring
We started out working on the famous tall ships Sedov and Kruzenshtern. And now our company is already 8 years old. In these years we have:
> 100 training programmes
On the large sailing vessels Wylde Swan, Eldorado, Amazone, Sedov, Kruzenshtern
> 3000 people
Were trained how to sail
Participation in major sailing festivals, international regattas, including Tall Ships' Races
Participation in sailing expeditions in the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic
our vision
One of the largest polar sailing fleets
Since 2020, we've been organising sailing voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic on tall sailing vessels and yachts. We have one of the largest polar sailing fleet. We sail to the shores of Greenland, Antarctica and Spitsbergen on our three sailing schooners, Eldorado, Wylde Swan and Amazone.
We take full responsibility for all onboard activities and general safety
We strictly follow the internationally recognised standards of the International Yacht Training. Our professional team of instructors will help you get all the experience you need to get out on the high sea.
We want to be of service to the world
The great value of our expeditions is the scientific focus of Science and Education at Full Sail. We carry out marine research and environmental monitoring on behalf of research institutes, give lectures on the environment and involve you in our citizen science projects.

Sailing to the polar latitudes, collecting stories about icebergs and storms, penguins and the polar sun, learning the names of winds and underwater inhabitants, becoming a small piece of global science and future change on the planet - with us it's no longer a story from a book but real life.
Our philosophy
Being the protagonist
Many of us, as children, plunged into the world of books about travel, explorers and intrepid sailors. It all seemed so far away. Now the time for adventure books is gone. Now we are the protagonists.
We set out on a journey to return, as heroes should, with treasure: courage, lasting friendship, faith in our strength, grit and, of course, visions of a part of the world we've never seen before. We want to share this journey with those with similar values to our own.
true values
«The sea and the wind boldly sweep away everything superfluous, leaving only what is really worth relying on in life»
Those who know their true bearings do not waste time on unnecessary and extraneous things. In a journey where you are not an observer, but a protagonist, you discover not only the world, but also yourself. Knowing your true self is a chance to move forward with confidence.
we appreciate
A concentrated experience
In the demanding conditions of a maritime voyage, one day is equivalent to one month of ordinary life. In a new and exciting situation, the ability to experience life in all its colours, tastes, sounds and smells unwittingly returns. New experiences and skills make you see reality more fully.
«My flock»
You can't just call those with whom you stood shoulder to shoulder in the face of inclement weather and contemplated the unique beauty of polar nature just friends. They are people who, from now on, will always mean something more to you.
Controlled adrenaline
For all our love of adventure, we're not just taking risks, we're travelling, and our focus is the safety of any sea crossing you make with us. Despite the challenges of the ocean and the complexities of high latitudes, with good preparation such a journey is no more dangerous than a hike in the mountains or a big city. We are always in control of the helm!
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