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yOur scientific research
Science under sail
Can you imagine that people still have not studied the World ocean? It covers almost 70% of the Earth's surface, determines the Earth's climate and influences the weather. Equipping a full-fledged maritime expedition on a modern scientific ship and with scientists onboard is a costly undertaking, requiring several years of preparation. In addition, large research vessels are often restricted in their voyage areas.
It takes people like us to explore hard-to-reach, remote parts of the ocean.
This new field of research is called citizen science.
It's an opportunity for everyone on the planet to contribute to the understanding of how our world works.
Why is research on our ships important?
Sailing expeditions can take place in inaccessible and sparsely visited areas of the seas and oceans
Crossings under sail are silent, ideal for close wildlife observation
The equipment for collecting data is possible even without a researcher on board
A sailing vessel can be chartered for the purpose of research and its route can be changed in real time as required
The collection of scientific data at remote locations is important for understanding ocean conditions, climate change or animal observation, as well as for educational purposes.
During the preparation phase of the expedition, we organise lectures on the topic of future research ashore
During the voyages, we become "plainclothes" scientists: we carry out marine research and environmental monitoring for research institutes and universities, as well as educational seminars and shore excursions.
By doing our part, we help the global community to preserve the environment.