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Sustainable world
It is important for us to be more than just guests on land and in the ocean. We want to be active participants in the harmonious interaction between humans and nature. The era of consumers is ending, but it still leaves its traces.
Imagine: you have travelled thousands of miles across the ocean, come to the wild, remote shores of the Arctic Ocean, disembark and find...
All the food packaging from the nearest supermarket, plastic bags, fishing net scraps, tyres and small particles of plastic. All this not only "spoils the picture" but is a real hazard. Animals, birds and fish often die if they swallow the plastic or become entangled in it.

There are invisible hazards that also accumulate in fish - heavy metals, mercury, lead - all the result of irresponsible rubbish disposal.
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What we do
During our expeditions we
Strictly follow the rules of disposing of rubbish at sea and ashore
Never leave rubbish behind after our landings
All plastic waste is collected during the expedition up to the final leg of the trip, and organic waste is shredded and dumped only within the permitted distance (no closer than 12 nautical miles) from shore
Grey water (from washing up and showering) and black water (toilet waste) are pumped out on arrival at the port by a specialist service
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